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Last Updated: Sunday, 06 March 2016 09:38

Maryland AAU High School Sullivan Finalist Jumps to Success

Written by Administrator

Mason Rogers had quite a year for himself. He graduated from high school, got accepted into Stanford, had an internship at Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab and won a $2,500 scholarship from the AAU High School Sullivan Award. His latest achievement, earning the High School Sullivan Award Scholarship, was a perfect way to prove that all of his hard work in not only his academics, but also his athletic career, has paid off.

“I am excited and pleasantly surprised,” Rogers said about winning the award. “It is an honor to be recognized by the AAU like this, and I am glad that the time and effort I put into jump rope have merited this award.”

As a student, Rogers holds a 4.1+ GPA while taking all AP classes, except for his Honors Spanish I, II, and III courses, in his junior and senior years. He earned the Harvard Book Award for Outstanding High School Juniors and the Parker Award for Outstanding High School Athlete. He is a National Merit Scholar, AP National Scholar and Cason Scholar and was on the All-County Math Team. As mentioned previously, he did his senior year internship as Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab, which will undoubtedly give him a leg up on his peers at Stanford and help him achieve his future career goals.

“I will be attending Stanford University with the current intention of studying mathematics and physics,” said Rogers. “I think both subjects are extremely intriguing and applicable, allowing their pursuers to ask big questions while still working toward breakthroughs that are useful in everyday life.”

As if his dreams weren’t already big enough, he also volunteers his time in his community. Academically, he is a tutor in math, physics, chemistry, biology and Spanish, but he also helps people by getting them active. Rogers participates in the USA Jump Rope Camps and Workshops and has also jumped rope on the lawn at the White House for Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” campaign.

Rogers has a busy lifestyle but his explanation for how he manages his time between all of his activities makes perfect sense.

“Most of the time, having a routine weekly schedule makes it easy enough to stay on top of everything,” he explains. “As long as I am participating in activities about which I am passionate, I have no trouble finding the energy to do everything on a full schedule. And when changes happen that push me away from my routine, I sleep a little less.”

Rogers is excited to be chosen for this award for many reasons, but he also mentioned how refreshing it is to be recognized for his athletics accomplishments, even though his sport may not be a well-known one.

“As a competitor in jump rope, I am glad that the AAU appreciates all sports regardless of popularity,” said Rogers. “Most of the athletics scholarships I have sought don't even include 'jump rope' in their drop-down menu of sports. It is refreshing to know that jump rope is gaining credibility as a legitimately competitive sport.”

Rogers has participated in every AAU Junior Olympics Games from 2005 through 2012, but has no current plans to compete this year. He adds that he would like to return in the future and plans on competing in Jump Rope throughout college, as well as play other recreational and intramural sports.

Congratulations to Mason and good luck on all of your future endeavors from everyone here at the AAU!

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