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Last Updated: Tuesday, 22 March 2016 20:34

Diamondetts Take First Place!

Written by Lisa Fitts

BALTIMORE - The Pink Diamondetts (8u) & Pink Diamonds (18u) won first place and second place on March 6, 2016 at the Cheer Dance & Extreme Cash for Bash in Atlantic City, Nj.

"This particular cheer event is always exciting for the girls because it's like a show," said Coach Lisa Fits. "When you walk into the event it's dark like a theater and the girls get so excited. You never know how they will do on the stage because they are so excited by the things they see as they enter the arena."

"They start with the questions -- are we going on that stage, are they going to put the spot light on us, how do we get up there, what if I can't see if the light shines in my face, will I fall off the stage? This really makes a coach nervous."

"But then veteran cheerleaders like Lyric Wooden take a leadership positions and responds to these questions -- the light will not be in your face, you won't be able to see your mom cause the lights are so bright, you can't fall off the stage silly, it's like being at home playing dress up with ur sister and y'all start acting like Beyoncé and singing her songs! She's terrific!" 

"Both teams did an awesome job but we still have work to do as we prepare for the next event," says Fitts.

Md Pink Diamondetts and Pink Diamonds are competitive cheer squads. We compete at many different cheer competitions and different community events. We travel many different places and require dedication. We have fun but we put in work so that we can excel in the events we attend and leave a lasting expression on any event that we attend. We recruit girls ages 4-18 that want to have fun, that are open to be creative in learning different skills, girls who are dedicated to their teammates and girls who are achieving in academics.

Yes, we are looking for the student athlete--do you have what it takes?

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